EarthSpa Story

For more than 40,000 years Australia's first people our indigenous Aboriginals have kept the world’s oldest continuous living  tradition of sacred knowledge, known as 'the dreamtime'.

From this ancient knowledge all aspects of Aboriginal Life meaning and context are  derived, which includes the understanding of the relationship between human kind and natures precious natural resources.

We have created a range of products which has evolved from  the diversity of our Australian land, utilising the native flora which  sustains itself on this ancient continent.

Australia’s indigenous people believe that the Earth is our Mother and  that everything is living and has an intrinsic vibration, they believe our native plant groups grow as families and that the use of those plants groups have healing benefits when applied topically as they have for many millennia.

We believe that too, we’re sharing in all that we’ve learnt to bring  to life Earth Spa™ and with respect taught by the ancient stories of  the Aboriginals of Australia to create this amazing range. The members of our Indigenous Advisory Board have worked closely with our team to develop this unique range of ‘Spa at Home’ products.

This also means we can share in the beauty of the Great  Australian country, reminding ourselves as we take care of  ourselves, to take care of each other and Mother earth  celebrating differences of our richest elements.


Personal care using our range of products which are 'Sustainably Wild Harvested™’ gives our busy the opportunity to stop for a minute in their busy day and purchase skincare products for their Spa at Home needs.

We are excited that through this this product range we are providing our consumers to learn and  celebrate the unique history from a global community which is just as relevant  today as it was thousands of years ago.

Earth Spa™ Elements is the first of our personal care journey range.

As we move forward Earth Spa™ will also include further personal care products from the teachings of the indigenous people of America, China,  Japan, India and Africa with a mission to bring to you the integrity and  learnings our earliest global community has to share.

Earth Spa Range 

Earth Spa Retreat